Why am I here? Why did I contribute to starting this website? What triggered my motivation? Or, better put, why shouldn’t I be here?

Due to the increasing development of technology, a lot of things have changed, especially in the educational realm. And the existence of custom essay writing companies is one of these critical changes, we could never have anticipated, a few years ago. There are numerous websites, for the time being, which offer assistance to students looking for expert academic help. Consequently, I have become part of a team that creates reviews for paper writing services.

Nonetheless, what was it that brought me to this point? For one thing, I got my degree in English literature, which determined me to pursue freelance writing. Essentially, I thought that choosing freelance essay writing would be an excellent opportunity for me because I was good at multitasking, whilst creativity being one of my main skills. I believed that freelance essay writing was a great opportunity for me for self-development – and the fact that I would help students was a perk.

Still, after some years passed by, I noticed that the industry became filled with scammers, due to the establishment of similar companies. Plus, I realized that the students I interacted with were doubtful regarding choosing expert help, because of negative previous experiences they had with other companies. And this provoked me to embrace a career change – so, I went from writing academic papers to writing reviews on essay writing services.

I knew that there were many reliable companies out there – but it was difficult for students to know which they are. For instance, when you enter such a website, you see a range of claims and promises regarding the quality of the papers and the preparation of the writers. And, unfortunately, in some cases, the claims are untruthful. But students don’t know that – and, to be honest, there’s no way to know that unless you order a paper. In some instances, customer reviews you may find online aren’t reliable either.

So, these things combined convinced me that I should make it easier for students to get academic help by comprising informative, objective reviews on paper writing services. Few things are as confusing as looking for essay help. Most websites look alike, and they feature almost identical claims. At the same time, although many students may not think that they’ll end up looking for reviews on writing services, at one point or another, when that time comes, they’ll be faced a difficult decision.

In other words, I knew I would be more helpful to students if I wrote reviews, in comparison to continuing with freelance custom writing. And as I wrote numerous reviews, I can assure you that there is a range of legit services that are worth considering – which means you needn’t lose your faith in all companies. In spite of all the scammers out there, there is still some good left. And I wish to highlight the good in the industry through my informative reviews.