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Personally, I spend a lot of time online (as I own a blog, conduct a book club, and write custom papers for money). Due to what I often find myself stuck on various resources dedicated to writing, writing tips, some educational news portals, etc. With the many companies and their websites in the search, it becomes a bit difficult to distinguish the genuine one. Thus, by trials and errors, I manage to find out some useful hints on different academic writing resources. Most of all, I check their legit and profitable usage. I mean, who would want to order anything of the low quality and still pay for it, right? I believe, exactly that personal road of trials and errors made me change the direction and become some kind of a writing detective. Yes, that might sound funny, but that`s what I successfully do and post in my blog. In case you have some questions about any academic writing resource, or would like to know whether it`s a trustworthy one or a Scam-Scam – contact me on my email and illustrate the case you`d like to get solved.