The range of jobs in the market to do today is long. The market has widened with the increase in population. People have been employed, and some have created their jobs; the internet on the other since has played a considerable role in jobs creation. Today we have online writing; some people have never thought of working for others but themselves. Academic writing is one of the ways to make money online. Americanstudier.com is the one site that talks about academic writing and even feed people with tips on the same. People contact us every time. They frequently ask us questions; some of the FAQs are as below:

What is Americanstudier.org?

We are a website made of people across the field of freelancing most especially, academic writing. We have been doing this for a long time. We have faced the challenges of the area of academic writing as it grows and believe we can save you the pressure of succeeding in the field.

This blog will put its focus on raising newbies and any visitors with interests in academic writing through some ways demonstrated by its writing section. Moreover, the blog will cover biographies, coffee, ADHD (attention disorders), efficiency, psychology, and thoughts.

What is the best academic writing format?

Usually, we would say any, but that is not an answer. Academic writing means you will work for students across multiple institutions. Different institutions have adopted writing styles or formats. Harvard is known for using the Harvard Style; the best academic paper will be whatever your client will request for. Other styles include MLA, Chicago, and APA among others.

What is the appropriate choice of vocabulary for academic writing?

Academic writing is very language sensitive; however, your best choice of words is the language you have control over. Most academic writing services will ask for a native or bilingual. Our advice is that you stay as simple as possible in your academic writing. Keep in mind the level of education and know each level has to demonstrate specific language characteristics. Your choice of language needs to be strong.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the offense of using somebody’s works as your own. Plagiarism is the highest offense in academic writing. Usually, an authority will do a good paper or research and publish or even claim rights for that work. The practice of another copying the works and failing to recognize the owner makes you a violator.

How can plagiarism be avoided?

The first rule is not to copy more than two words that follow each other in the same way on another paper. In case, you copy the exact words then you will have to use quotation marks. You would cite the source of your information. The different formats of academic writing format possess specific citation styles. The broad categories include in-text citations and references.

What makes a good academic writer?

An excellent academic writer has some qualities as below:

  • An eye for detail,
  • Has a command for language,
  • Is an outstanding critical thinker,
  • Is organized,
  • can handle pressure,
  • Research oriented, and
  • Keen on instructions.

In case, you have more questions to ask, visit our website (americanstudier.org) and click the contact us button. Fill in the required fields and will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.