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Grendel and Frankenstein

The characters of Grendel and Frankenstein, as represented in the books by John Gardner and Emil Antonucci and Mary Shelley respectively, have several similarities and differences. The main characters within the stories are Grendel and Frankenstein, monsters created by the human beings. These attributes were important in describing the nature of relationships between creatures and […]

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Playing with America, Part 5

The fifth and final planned post in a series on toys, games, and American Studies. If you want to contribute some thoughts toward the weekend’s open post, please feel very free to do so in comments! On the stigmas and the scholarly benefits of D&D and other role-playing games. Today’s the 35th birthday of my […]

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Taxing Poems

To round out the week of National Poetry Month posts, and in honor of tax day, here are five poems that will tax your powers of interpretation—but that pay high dividends if you allow yourself to be taxed. (And no, I won’t be saying anything about them—that’d be cheating!) Anne Bradstreet, “Prologue” (1650) Philip Freneau, […]

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